Other Endeavors

Soul Art Photography logo.

An on-site lifestyle and documentary photographer, I specialize in the visual art of capturing authentic being and in-the-moment experiences. My passion is to create images that tell the genuine story of who you are, to document your cherished moments of life and love so that they can be re-lived again and again. Soul Art is not creating false beauty with a “perfect” picture, Soul Art is capturing raw beauty and the perfect moment.


Soul Liberation Yoga logo.

A balanced combination of breath work, movement, and meditation, Soul Liberation Yoga delves deeper into Self and connects mind, body, and energy through the lens of Black identity and culture. Soul Liberation Yoga focuses on inner transformation and empowerment by creating holistic union with all aspects of our divine being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Soul Ink Literary Services logo

Editors help writers hone and evolve their work so that they can present to the world the best of what they have to offer. My goal as your editor is to help you create the best writing you possibly can. I work attentively and thoroughly to catch the errors that you as the author–being too close to your work to catch every mistake–may have missed.


Queer Black Voices logo.

QueerBlackVoices was created to help raise the visibility and solidarity of Black people of color who openly identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Embracing the culturally rich tradition of communal storytelling, QueerBlackVoices is a platform dedicated to the collection and distribution of biographical narratives from out and proud Black, queer-identified people of the African diaspora.