Who Is Eternity?

me 4Eternity Philops is a writer of meaningful micro poetry, simple sage quotes, and stimulating short stories. A Black queer renaissance person born of the USAmerican southeast, she uses her vivid style of emotive writing to explore the complex dynamics of living and loving while her introspective pieces reflect her soulful meditations and contemplations.

Eternity’s work has been featured in a number of print and online publications since the early 2000s, including Kuma and Gay Black Female Magazine. She was also a contributing journalist to the online periodicals of SABLE Magazine, which focused on matters concerning lesbians of color, and The NUBIANO Project, a news source that catered to the Black community. In 2008, Eternity released Visions of a Cryptic Mystery, Volume One, her first independently published collection of poetry and short stories. The title was well-received by readers, garnering high ratings on popular book review sites such as Sistahs on the Shelf and RAWSISTAZ Reviewers. Since then, Eternity’s work has appeared in various literary collections such as Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction and First Bloom: stories of blossoming black lesbian love. Continuing as an independent publisher, the author’s modest literary goals are to engage readers’ hearts, challenge readers’ minds, and to create for the genuine joy of creating.

When Eternity isn’t writing, she’s likely capturing imagery as a professional photographer, guiding others as a certified Yoga teacher, or enjoying one of her favorite pastimes: binge-watching anime.