Can I Be Your Poet 3

All creators wish for their work to impact more than just their own little world. No matter the talent bearer – writer, artist, musician, songster, and so forth – to trap creative energy inside one’s Self with no outlet or audience is an act of spiritual neglect. Just as life itself is a gift of creative beauty, so are we to share with our fellow spirits the creative beauty of our unique talents, whatever they may be. This inclination toward Self expression is no mere habit of ego; it is a spiritual need ingrained in our very souls. It is, perhaps, the greatest power we have.

So partake in the artistic literary energies inspired by a life lived in love and cultivated through the eyes of a spirit journeying toward her truth. The pen has proven to be the window to my soul, and that window has been opened to you.

Allow me, if you will, to be your poet.


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Eternity Philops uses her literary talent to explore the dynamic realms of life and love. Her poetic style of writing vivid scenes that capture intense emotions is expressed in her penchant for micro poems and short fiction. Eternity’s independently published debut title, Visions of a Cryptic Mystery, Volume One (2008, 2010), is the first compilation of her vibrant poetry and short stories which speak to her heartfelt experiences and soulful reflections. Her work has also appeared in the anthologies Lez Talk (Allen, 2016) and First Bloom (Howard, 2016). She continues releasing poetry collections along with creative short fiction and inspiring meditations under her imprint, Soul Ink Press.

When Eternity is not crafting new pieces, she works on her endeavors as a solopreneur. She assists other writers as the editor and publishing consultant of her editorial editorial company, Soul Ink Literary Services, and captures once-in-a-lifetime memories as the visual artist of Soul Art Photography. She is also the founder and curator of QueerBlackVoices, an online archive collecting the personal stories of Black and queer individuals, as well as guides others in their spiritual growth as an RYT-200 Yoga teacher under her brand, Sacred Soul Yoga.

A native North Carolinian, Eternity Philops (also known as Tori James) has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the dual fields of psychology and sociology, is a certified professional coach, and has earned post-baccalaureate certificates in the areas of gender studies and professional copy editing. Eternity currently resides in Charlotte, NC, where she continues her life journey of creative exploration and spiritual growth.