In recent FB exchanges, I’ve been told that I cannot truly practice Yoga because of the “dysfunction” and “derangement” of being gay, that my intelligent, well-crafted responses are emotional, and that I don’t understand the vibe of supporting men because I am a lesbian.

I challenge folks on their comments, and when they can’t compose a sufficient rebuttal, they discount what I’ve said by attempting to diminish my being.

All of this from Black folks. My community. My people.

And I love my people. I want us to prosper, to truly unite and overcome our social oppression through community building and support. But I wonder if it’s really possible when so many of us are trying to become like our oppressors through mimicking patriarchal, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic rhetoric. Rebranding these things under Kemetic culture and King/Queen relationship philosophies does not make them any less violent. Through these lens, only a certain segment of our people are considered to be valid beings deserving of recognition, and only certain gendered behaviors and roles garner respect.

We say we want Black unity, Black power, and Black pride, yet we continually police the gates and cast out any of our own who don’t “meet the standard,” whatever that is at the moment. Truthfully, it seems we only want a Black version of the very oppression we fight against.

Do better, Black people.