Yesterday I went to an anime convention that had a DOPE game room. All kinds of arcade games…from fighting classics to new releases, dancing to racing, Eastern to Western…it was great!

My favorite was Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, a new fighting game that I’d never played. I won enough times to not be completely awful, but mostly I lost against more skilled folks and laughed the whole time getting my ass beat. Again, it was great!

When folks are playing, other folks line up behind them, either to play next or just watch. I was standing with three other guys, big dudes, watching a match with another guy that was whooping ass. When the loser got up, none of them wanted to go against the winner…they were scared of being the next loser.

So I sat my happy ass down, not giving any phukks about the beating I was gonna get. The first round, I lost badly. The second round, I lost but not as badly. And I had fun both times.

After I get up, I wandered around the arcade a bit to rest my wrist (cuz I was coming back to lose some more). When I returned to the section, ALL THREE DUDES who had been too afraid to play were plopped down fighting somebody on a game. I called them out on it, laughing, and one guy said that I had inspired them. And they all looked like they were having a great time, win or lose.

Take from this story what you will.