So just last night I posted how I don’t typically disconnect from folks just because of disagreement, that it’s an exercise in patience and compassion.

This morning I read a post by a fellow claiming that depression is a choice and that if you’re feeling suicidal, just kill yourself.

I unfollowed him.

At the end of my original post, I acknowledged that it’s Self care to disconnect from toxic folks on the internet. And his post—his entire mindset toward depression and mental health issues—is toxic as hell. I posted my obligatory response, which likely won’t affect his mind or heart, but will hopefully benefit others who see and are affected by the bullshyt he was proudly spouting.

So why not fully disconnect and just block him? Because he is someone in my physical community, someone I have met and will likely meet again. And as I said in my original post, I want to continue to know who he is and what he REALLY thinks. And, unless he chooses to disconnect from me, I want to continue to challenge his mindset through my own posts.

But sadder than the “opinion” itself is the source. Too many Black folks claim to be “woke” and about the community but then turn around and attack and alienate the people they claim to love and serve under the guise of being “honest” or trying to be deep and subvert the White Man’s false knowledge, all the while spreading their own false facts and subverting the progress of their own people. Honesty does not equate truth. Ignant ass shyt is honest too.

But now I know this about him. For my own personal boundaries I’m unfollowing him for a while so none of that triggering, uninformed, fake woke nonsense pops up in my feed when I might be going through an episode. And maybe he unfriended or blocked me because of my response to his post; that’s his right as well. But at least we both know where the other stands. And knowing that is real, actual truth.