So I made today a “spiritual health day.” What does that look like? Well, for me, it was spending the entire day in bed watching anime on my phone (the Norigami series for anyone interested). I made it a day off; I did absolutely no work of any sort and spent little time on social media.

For some folks this sounds like a wonderful staycation (probably minus the anime part) to just lie around in bed all day. But the other half of the story is the reason. Today was a healing day from a depression episode. Although I was resting, I was not fully at rest; for folks who deal with mental health issues, even when we’re still, our minds and emotions aren’t. Yet days like this where we do nothing BUT be still are crucial if we want to operate on the days when we can’t be still due to life responsibilities. My own way of dealing with episodes is to ride them out…just let the wave carry me back to shore. And fortunately this wave wasn’t bad; I even had the energy and mindset to eat throughout the day. That is a significant accomplishment.

But there are times when episodes are horrifically worse, which is why I’m making sure I do better at my Self care when the episodes are light. I certainly do the work to stave off depression as best I can with medication, meditation, and the like, but when it comes to chemical imbalances, sometimes the wave will just hit. And when those waves are big, it’s scary.

Healthy living isn’t necessarily about being rid of an issue completely (sometimes that’s not possible), but instead knowing how to deal with it safely and effectively. My hope is that treating even the minor waves as I would the major waves will keep the major waves at bay and help me develop firm habits and patterns that I’m able to keep up when the major waves hit. And my hope is that sharing this experience encourages folks dealing with similar issues, and informs folks who don’t so they know what we go through.