Even when you deal with depression regularly, it doesn’t always show up in an explicit way.

Case in point: I’ve been tired and sleeping a lot lately. Aside from grocery shopping one day last week, I haven’t been out my house since Jan 3. I’m not eating as regularly as I should…I actually haven’t eaten at all today, and it’s 6p. And yet through all this I’ve been incredibly productive for all my entrepreneurial businesses. I’ve conducted sessions and talked with potential clients and scheduled a number of projects and continued work on current projects. I am functional, and for the most part, I am fine emotionally. Mostly.

But it’s not always an emotional sign that we’ll get. Because based on what I’ve transparently shared, the physical isn’t aligned. That’s the hump I’ve been fighting to get over. That’s where this little depression wave has settled itself this time around. Tricky bastard. But now that I can fully see and acknowledge it—which took a while because, again, I kept telling myself I was fine because I was productive—I can channel that knowing into focusing on doing the physical things I need to do.

Like eat.

And leave the house.

I don’t share all this for pity or a public call for help or anything like that (when I need help, I’ll explicitly say so, trust). I share because, as always, it’s not just me. It’s not just me that goes through this and it’s not just me that needs to be aware that others go through this. So if this experience is you or similar to yours, it’s okay, you’re not alone. Please eat something. Step out the house for a few minutes just to breath open air. And if you know someone who struggles, check on them right now. Invite them to a meal or offer to cook if that’s your thing. Offer to take them somewhere, even just a car ride. It’s the little but genuine actions that help the most.

As for me, I’ve missed Yoga this week on account of my body depression. I’m making it a point to go tonight. And to eat something. Pinky swear.