I am in a good place.
I feel emotionally balanced, spiritually attuned, and in sync with my body.
I’m in a healthy place.
I have put in the Self-conscious work to get here and to hopefully stay here.
I put in that work every day.
And I still take my anti-depressant meds.
Every. Day.
Because I recognize that inner and outer balance is complex and intersectional between spirit, mind, and body.
Because I recognize that it takes a combination of multiple efforts and avenues to be and stay healthy.
Because I recognize that feeling good is NOT a sign that I don’t need medication anymore.
Because I recognize that, at least for me, at least in the present, medication is part of my #Selfcare.
And I recognize that more of us need to acknowledge the significance of the spiritual AND the medical in order to #EraseTheStigma.