a poem.

I am not simple.

I will complicate your heart
and upset your mind
and challenge your entire life.
I will answer your questions
and question your answers
with more than you want to hear
and less than you want me to say.
I will declare your beauty
by subverting your assumptions
of what is beautiful
and will sex your soul
by queering your concepts
of what is intimacy.
I will remain constantly me
by constantly changing
and I will expect you
to keep up.

I am not simple.

I will bring you an entree of joy
with two sides of pain
that you have to finish
before you get my passion
for dessert.
I will set you on fire
with flames of love
and consciousness
and expansion of Self.
And I will burn you with mine.
I will drown you with the air
of my entire being
and will unsettle the earth
beneath your feet
with the geyser of my energy.
I will hurt you and fail you
at the exact same time
that I love you and support you
and you will have no choice
but to feel all of it.

Because I am not simple.
Being with me is not simple.
Loving me is not simple.

I know this.
And now
so do you.


— warning label