We often say in our prayers and everyday speech “by the grace of God” or “God willing” regarding our hopes and endeavors. We stumble along a mental and spiritual line between the fulfillment and failure of our dreams, awaiting the results of our future as determined by what we deem to be forces beyond our control. But the truth of reality is that the outcome of our efforts is determined primarily by our own actions and energy.

The Eternal Creator saw fit to bestow upon us our own personal and perpetual power, an unlimited inner resource with which we can influence and take control of our own lives. When we recognize this mighty force within, we will also recognize that we have already been afforded God’s grace; by acknowledging that we’re created with absolute ability, we must also acknowledge that God is indeed willing – why else would the Eternal bless us so? What then lies ahead, whether or not we achieve and succeed, is up to us, for already in us is everything we need to make our desires come to pass. All that is left for us is to act wisely.

So decide now to no longer live in an ambivalent state of only “possibly” and “maybe”, and instead be determined to walk in the power you’ve had since creation. The Eternal is already where you want to be, and is simply awaiting your arrival. And the time for your arrival is now.