Today has been a bit of a bust on numerous levels. So many emotional and relational losses in such little time are beginning to take their toll. I am well and I will be well, but even in that wellness are a growing pain and soul ache at the constant breaks my heart has endured as of late. Complete healing will be had, this I do not doubt. But until then, my heart hurts. Pieces are missing. People are missing. Some may return; others I know never will. So I hold my Self together with the pieces of those still present for me, still caring for me, still loving me in fullness of action and not empty words. And I continue to strengthen my core, my spirit, because no matter who is present and who is not, I must be my own foundation. And I cannot allow my Self to crumble. I may shake, I may lean, I may bend. But by all my power, I will not break. I am Love Without End, and my love starts with me. I will fill in the gaps in my heart with my own love, and I will move forward and heal and grow. I am grateful for those who choose to share in and support my journey. And though their pieces are missing, I will always hold in my heart those who could not, or would not, come along.

Gratitude for listening.