a poem.

Can I be your poet?
Can I write your journey upon the eclipse of your soul
along the shadow of your benighted thoughts?
Let me stroke my pen
against the edges of your bordered being
capturing in cursive
the hellish charm of your blackened aura
Maledict and malicious are the worlds within
yet reclaimed with plumbago power
Permit my literary license
to bridge the gap of realities

Allow me to be
the author of you
to inscribe your daggered deeds
with blue blood ink
across graffito walls and boarded windows
and make loud the quiet whispers
of your eviscerated psyche
I shall capture your tortured narrative
and adjudge your chronicle
to recount unto the deaf and unseeing
the hidden score of a graduated game

Can I be the key
to your caged accounts
the source of your trammeled trilogy?
Inept are your words
abrasive is your speech
the result of a humanly imposed animalism
I will express your howls of restrained freedom
and translate your feral ululations
into the lyrical language
of your recovered regal roots

Let me tell your story
to the generations of generation
to the nippers of niggers and the kids of coloreds
to the tykes of Tom and juvenile Jemima’s
to speak the truth
of your blotted tales
and write your message upon the pages of history


– historian