Some folks say that the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else. Replace an old, cold relationship with a new warm body, right?

I say that the best way to deal with losing love is to give love to others. Spend time with cherished loved ones. Rebuild connections with friends and make new ones. Love the ones who love you, starting with loving your Self. There is truly something therapeutic and healing to the soul when we take the focus off of the brokenness in our hearts and put it on tending to the hearts of the people we treasure.

Because love is deeper than just the romantic and the sexual. Platonic love received from and given to friends can be just as intimate, just as fulfilling, as the romantic love we receive from partners. We just have to take the time to nurture it. And in the end, it helps us to be healed and ready for when the time for that romantic love comes around again.

Because it always comes around again.

– Lose Love, Give Love