​I used to be one of those people who claimed many acquaintances, but felt I had no “real” friends. Years later, I’ve learned to recognize that, yes I do have people in my life who are real friends…people who actively and openly love me as I am, who support me and look out for me, who have proven time and again that I can trust them with my heart and feelings when I need someone to open up to, who have been patient and present enough with me to let me get to a point of being open with them, and who choose to trust me with their own soul truths and secrets.

Yes, I have friends. Good friends. Great friends. Close friends. Core friends. Of course I’ve still got “acquaintances” too, but the room is there for those to grow into friendships as well. After a life of being closed and insular, I’ve had to learn how to allow my Self to be open and vulnerable enough to have friends, because friendships need conscious vulnerability if you want them to be more than shallow exchanges. And I’ve had to learn to truly appreciate my friends and recognize the power of their presence in my life, and be grateful for the divine gifts that they are.