I find it ironic how socially acceptable it is to put so many conditions and boundaries on love – who we can’t love, how we can’t love, how many we can love at a time, how long we should engage in love, what love should look like and feel like and if it doesn’t look or feel a certain way then it must not be love, so on and so forth. And yet we let hate and dislike abound with no check system. For those we don’t like, for whatever reasons, there is no limit to the disdain we can and will unleash. Hate and negative energy are given a free license – we can hate who want, as many people as we want, for however long that we want, for whatever reason that we want – and it’s simply deemed natural.

What would we look like as a society if love had the freedom and power that hate currently holds? How would we grow and evolve as individuals if our personal love energy was given freedom rather than restraint, and if hate and negativity was kept in check rather than encouraged as some kind of right or privilege to indulge just because we’re upset at the world? What would the world look like if we decided, as individuals, to simply quit hating and put that energy into love and support? Just one day at a time, I bet we could create a drastic paradigm shift starting with just within ourselves. And within the individual is where it needs to begin.