Do you have a “positive place”?

There are many times that the wonderfulness of Life can actually feel not that wonderful. We get stressed, we get tired, we get low on energy, both mental and physical. In those times, one of the best ways to recharge is having a safe space to retreat to and collect your Self…somewhere you can go to process your emotions, let go of the negative, and re-focus on the positive.

Your positive place doesn’t have to be large (a closet, the car, the tub/shower), at your home (the park, church sanctuary), or even a physical place (playing your favorite song or watching your favorite movie). Likewise, it doesn’t have to be alone; sharing and spending time with close and trusted friends often provides us with emotionally secure space we need to renew ourselves. The important thing is to identify your positive place – what, where, or whoever it may be – and to allow your Self to go there when you need to.

So what is your “positive place”, Spirit?